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Advanced 3 Phase Power Protection for Small-Medium Server Rooms, Data Centers,
Industrial, Telecom and Other Mission-Critical Applications
Online UPS 80-120 kVA UPS Three Phase/Three Phase

 • True On Line - Double Conversion Technology
 • IGBT PWM Rectifier & Inverter Technology
 • DSP Control
 • Low Input Current THD (<3%)
 • High Input Power Factor (>0.99)
 • High Efficiency up to 93%
 • DC-DC Charger/Booster
 • Wide Input Voltage Range
 • Advanced Battery Management
 • Short Circuit and Overload Protection
 • Unlimited Number of Paralellable Modules
 • Selectable Number of Batteries
 • 500 Real Time Event Log with Detailed Parameters
 • Static&Manual Bypass Operation
 • Overload and Short Circuit Protection
 • Small Footprint and Easy Maintenance
 • Advanced Communication Capabilities
 • Perfect Generator Compatibility
 • Customizable as Frequency Converter
 • Cold Start Function
 • Auto Restart Function
 • Local and Remote Emergency Power Off
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