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SNMP is Simple Network Management Protocol that can monitor and manage the Ups over TCP/IP network. All the Ups’s on network can ne monitored and managed via MAKnet SNMP software and adaptor. Ups events can be recorded. Warning messages, notifications can be sent by email
A "dry" contact is a contact that is not initially connected to a voltage source and provides isolated dry contact signals which indicate any failure of UPS. Relay contacts totally isolated from UPS and Ground. All isolated contacts can operate between 3.3Vdc - 24Vdc. By using isolated contacts UPS can be controlled remotely and via other devices.
With RS232 ve 485 communication port and MAKNet software, the UPS input-output parameters can be observed and controlled . By MAKnet sotware the changes in UPS status are reported by email and operating systems on network can be shutdown safely
This kit consists of two different cards. These are following; a)R326-R01A DATA EXPANSION MODUL R326-R01A module is directly connected to one of two expanding slots of UPS. The main duty of this module is to collect information from other battery cabins. Here, in physical intercommunication environment CAN works with MAKBUS protocol. b)R336-R01A EXTERNAL BATTERY CABINET TEMPERATURE SENSOR R336-R01A module is mounted on battery cabinet. From the batteries inside the cabinet, position information about the key on the cabin besides temperature details. A single card from this type is needed for each cabin.
The Ups Remote Panel helps the user to observe the operational status of the UPS from a distant place. The user can be informed via LCD of remote panel, about all operational status, event and parameters of UPS.
MobBus is an industrial automation communication port. This device provides continuous, reliable and accurate remote monitoring of a UPS system through a Building Management System or Industrial Automation System. It connects to the network via RS-485 through either an isolated DB-9 port or terminal block.
The GPRS Modem allows the system to notify through email / SMS. It helps to reduce the repair and troubleshooting time. •Remote Ethernet LED •TCP/IP Based Remote Power Switch •Sensors ( temperature, humidity..etc)